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Natural Rock Formation Andaman Neil Island a.k.a Howrah Bridge Andaman

Neil Island is famous for its natural rock formation. A natural bridge structure of dead corals stands beautifully in the Beach no. 2. This attraction is locally called as the Howrah Bridge. The attraction is a natural wonder that was formed by corals over the years and attracts people from all walks of life. The USP of this location is the magnificent natural rock formation. You will have to walk on a wet, rocky path that has dead corals scattered around, it is very tricky and slippery so do wear a good pair of footwear when you visit this place.

natural rock formation Neil island

The place is best visited when the tides are low, for clear visibility. You spot different species of fish at tiny ponds that are created the sea during low tides. You can spot crabs, sea urchins, colorful corals, starfishes, sea cucumbers and sometimes tiny octopuses as well. It is a beautiful place to take some great pictures of this Howrah Bridge and the beach. Guides are available at the beach you can opt for one if you prefer. Do visit this surreal place and see what nature can create and have a great experience for a lifetime.

How to reach: It is located 3kms away from the jetty you can take an auto rickshaw or a taxi ride to reach the beach. On reaching the beach you will have to take a walk of about 200 meters from the shore to see the bridge.

Entry Tickets: You do not require any entry fee or tickets for visiting the beach.

Timings: It is best when visited during the day time when the tides are low and clear. 2 to 3 hours are enough to spend in this place.

Things to do:The iconic bridge has a variety of other corals scattered in the shore that’s great for photography, the variety of aquatic life found in the naturally formed pools all over the dead corals.

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Restaurant options: Samosa Food Stall, Hira Food Plaza, Megha Restaurant, Smriti Restaurant and The Restaurant.

Who can visit?It is not suitable for kids and elders as the pathway toward the bridge is slippery and rocky which will be difficult for them to cross.

Howrah Bridge Andaman Neil



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