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Ross and Smith Islands Diglipur - How to Plan and Visit in 2020

Ross and Smith Islands is one of the most sought after destination for the travelers planning to visit Diglipur. You can relate to this fact that the reason people want to cover Diglipur in their plan only because they want to discover the mystery of this unique place and experience how someone can walk from one island to the other where there is the open sea in between. It looks so scenic in the already published pictures and has gained so much popularity among the travelers, that you might have started reading out our mind by now that what we have in stock to tell you about this place. The pictures showing the 2 islands Ross & Smith by a sand bar surrounded by crystal clear open sea waters is the aerial view of the islands. When you land at the place, during the low tides you get to see a sand bar connecting the two islands on which you can walk to reach from one island to the other. When the tide rises, the sand bar is covered by the sea and you see two completely different islands during the high tides that make this amazing place look exalted.

ross and smith island

The story doesn’t end in seeing this sand bar and walking from one island to the other. There are beautiful eco huts lined up by the beach side having greenery spread out all over makes it very soothing and a mere sight of it will make you feel refreshed and erase away all your stress. You can spend around 2-3 hours in this place without getting bored if you are exploring it the right way.

Having crystal clear waters, one may plan to snorkel here. However, there are no service providers for the same here because to keep the island pristine, commercial activities have not been introduced. SO you may bring in your own snorkel and mask to explore what is hidden underneath these beautiful gem green waters.

smith island diglipur

The beach is surrounded by a tropical forest, which we found interesting when we went trail hiking through this. It gives you good vibes and a feel of the nature whenever you are amidst the woods doing nothing just lazing around and absorbing whatever Mother Nature has created for a visual treat.

A Marine sanctuary is there in this island where you can spot beautiful coral reefs and various colorful species from the underwater.

How to reach :

aerial bay jetty

To visit the Ross & Smith Islands, you need to obtain forest permit from the Forest Office at Diglipur. The cost is pre defined by the competent department; our island experts will be updating you with the exact amount chargeable for the permits. You have to take a motor boat to reach the Ross n Smith from Diglipur. The boat leaves from Arial Bay Jetty (The sea port of Diglipur) between 8 am to 2 pm (depending on the weather conditions and permissions from competent authorities). The boat takes about 25 minutes to reach from Arial Bay to Ross n Smith Island..

huts at ross and smith

Closed on: Tuesdays

Stay after visiting Ross n Smith Island:

To maintain the solace of this island and keep it open for the nature, there has been zero permission to stay back into this island. However you can complete visiting this place and then return to Diglipur for overnight stay.



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