Neil (Shaheed Dweep)
Neil (Shaheed Dweep)
Neil (Shaheed Dweep)
Neil (Shaheed Dweep)
Neil (Shaheed Dweep)

Best Things To Do in Neil Island


Neil Island is called the vegetable bowl of the islands. This island is one of the few certified locations for organic farming. Here is our top list of things to do in Neil Island also known as Shaheed Dweep.

Try Scuba and Glass Bottom Boat Ride at Bharatpur Beach 

Bharatpur Beach is the most prominent beach in Shaheed Dweep (Neil Island), known for its rich marine life. The experience here is very different than that of Havelock Island. Scuba diving at Neil island is done at Bharatpur beach. When you are Bharatpur beach you can get in touch with the Scuba Diving centres and can go for your diving experience at Neil. The marine life at Neil Island is very different than what we have seen in other parts of the islands.

Watch a stunning sunset at Laxmanpur Beach

Laxmanpur Beach is a stunning beach that is clean and tidy famous for its sunset. Spend an entire evening watching this amazing sunset. At Laxmanpur beach no other water activities are allowed, so it is recommended to visit this island during sunset and spend the evening by the beach. Small food eateries are available at the beachside.

Trek to the Natural Rock Formation

This Natural rock has been carved as a Bridge. As most of the people at Neil belong to Bengal origin, the local name for this bridge is Howrah Bridge. Trek to this Natural bridge during low tide and get an amazing experience. There are 2 bridges here which can be visited. During high tide trek to the second bridge is difficult.



Indulge in Photography

Neil Island is another beautiful island in the South Andamans that offers mind-blowing sceneries and gorgeous beaches. These scenic sandy beaches with emerald forests and the blue waters of the island is a perfect spot for nature and candid photographs. Carry your camera kit and go about capturing the scenic views and the appealing surroundings of beaches and other parts of the island. The beaches at this island are known for the stunning sunset viewpoints so make sure not to miss it when you are!

Indulge in Scuba Diving to find Bob the Turtle

Bharatpur Beach is the only beach where water activities can be enjoyed at Neil Island. The various activities in which you can indulge at Neil Island are Swimming, Speed boat rides, Glass-bottom boat rides, Snorkeling, and Scuba diving. The waters here at Neil island are clear blue and shallow and have exotic corals and multiple species of vibrant fish.

Turtles can also be spotted during diving at Neil Island. You can avail of these activities to explore the rich marine life of Neil Island.

In comparison to the Havelock Islands, the water activities such as Scuba Diving and Glass-bottom ride are famous at Havelock. Since there are more options for water sports in Havelock it remains crowded most of the time. When it comes to Neil Island, it too has good dive sites and few water sport activities but this island is more pristine, laid back and close to nature. Given that this island is not visited often by many people and is less crowded, the beaches and waters retain the serenity and cleanliness.

To be honest, Neil Island houses in several copious amounts of marine creatures that are yet to be explored and most of the travelers visiting the island prefer Scuba Diving here so that they could explore the unexplored reefs of this island. At times, if you are lucky you might even spot a dugong or cute sea turtles swimming by.

Spot Andaman State Animal Dugong

It's true, that you can spot a Dugong while doing Scuba Diving at Neil Island. This has happened many times for our customers. We have a video as well for this which can be seen on YouTube. The dugong is a harmless creature, also called Sea Cow.

Get Up Early and See Sunrise at Sitapur Beach

Sitapur beach is a usual beach, however, what makes it different is the vast open sea in the front. Get up early by 4 AM and head to this beach to see sunrise.



Try eating Maggi at Bharatpur Beach

If you ask us for one best place on the entire island to eat Maggi, then we say head to Bharatpur beach at Neil Island. Maggi prepared here is very different and tasty. It's not a soupy noodle but a dried one and is very tasty.

Explore Various Cuisines

You can go around the island and explore the many restaurants and food outlets in the locality. Give your palate a treat by trying out the different cuisines and the amazing seafood and delicious vegetarian delicacies that are available at the restaurants here. You can take strolls during the evenings and hop into a café for some coffee or snacks.


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