North Bay Island
North Bay Island
North Bay Island
North Bay Island
North Bay Island
North Bay Island
North Bay Island

How To Reach North Bay Island?

North bay Island can be reached from Rajiv Gandhi water sports complex, Port Blair. There are 3 types of boat to reach North Bay Island. One is a big boat that carries around 100 passengers, the other boat has a capacity of 20 persons and the third type of boat is a boat with a capacity of around 10 persons. Based on the availability the boats are available to North Bay Island. The boat trip takes place as a combination of both Ross and North Bay Island.

Reaching North Bay Island by Shared boat or Ferry

The trip to the North Bay Island begins from the hotel to the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex via road. On reaching the complex, you can board the ferries that will take you to North Bay Island followed by Ross Island. It takes about 15 minutes to reach the Ross Island and about 30 minutes to North Bay Island by boat. As stated earlier, Ross and North Bay Islands are covered together as a full-day trip by these shared boats.

It will hardly take up to 2 hours in Ross Island and after that, we head back to the same boat and continue the trip towards North Bay Island, it takes about 4 to 4.5 hours to complete the entire Day trip.

The shared boats/ferries are available of various makes, varied capacity and various speeds and all are well equipped with life jackets and rings for safety. A guide accompanies each group as they head toward these islands and that guide himself briefs the visitors about the island’s history and other necessary information to be known during the trip. Once the boat reaches the island the tourists can go ahead and avail the activities or just sit back and relax at the beach. The same boat will take you to and fro so keep in mind the name of the boat while returning to Port Blair.

In case you miss the boat name you need not worry an alternative arrangement will be made for you in another boat. However, it is always advisable to complete the trip in the same boat. The Island opens for visitors around 8 AM and closes around 3 PM and is closed on Wednesdays.


By private Chartered Boats From Port Blair


Private charter boats exclusively to North Bay Island or to both North Bay and Ross Islands are available. Since the entire boat has to chartered the cost is more when compared to shared trips.

These chartered boats are suitable for a group of about 6-8 people.
The pros of hiring a chartered boat is that you can visit this island even if you are short on time and cannot follow the schedule of the regular shared boats.


How to book tickets to North Bay Island?

Experience Andamans team can book your tickets to North Bay Island.

The tickets to North Bay Island can be purchased directly at the Rajiv Gandhi water sports complex by standing in a queue or your Island expert can book it on your behalf. For pre-booking, you have to ask your tour operator to book the tickets for you. if you plan to book a ticket after reaching Andaman then there is a possibility of the tickets getting sold out. If all the tickets for that day are already booked, you’ll have to either arrange a chartered boat or wait for the next day.


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