North Bay Island
North Bay Island
North Bay Island
North Bay Island
North Bay Island
North Bay Island
North Bay Island

Top Things to do in North Bay Island


North Bay Island is famous for its water activities. This island offers something for all its visitors. There is a lighthouse at North Bay Island, however, you are not allowed to trek to the lighthouse. At North Bay, you can sit too close to the waters and witness people going underwater and coming back sunk in experiences for a lifetime.

At North Bay Island, you have it all. A lot of things that are not available in other parts of the islands are available at North Bay Island. Some of the major things that one can do at North Bay are as below :


Speed boat ride


Jet Ski ride


Scuba Diving 


Scuba diving is most recommended at North Bay Islands. The reef here is good and the topography is as well very different. Diving at North Bay islands provides a different experience and you can various kinds of fish on the island. A guide accompanies you underwater and no swimming skills are required to do this activity.




Snorkeling is as well available at North Bay Island. Timings and costs vary based upon the depth you wish to snorkel at the island. All snorkeling activities are done in Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island


Sea walking


Sea Walking at North Bay island was first introduced in the Andaman Islands in the year 2013. Since then this activity has gained a lot of popularity among travelers. We recommend people to try Sea Walking either on North Bay Island in Port Blair or Elephant Beach at Havelock Island. It's a must-do activity.


Semi-submarine Ride


Semi submarines rides are the first ones to be introduced in India. These ferries have a submerged glass bottom section from which you can view the magnificent coral reefs and various kinds of fish.



Parasailing is another recently introduced activity at North Bay Island. This activity is available at North Bay Island, Corbyns Cove beach and Elephant Beach.

There is a reason we say North Bay Island has the most amazing water activities to offer in the Andaman Islands. 

All age groups can indulge in the various activities that are available at North Bay. Swimming skills are not required for any of the activities conducted here including scuba diving, snorkeling, and sea walking. These activities provide snorkelers and divers a whole new experience.

The amazing coral reefs, rich marine life, and emerald blue waters offers a rich experience in nature, it helps you connect with the marine species.

Underwater photography is available which comes free with Scuba Diving and Sea Walking. These activities are thrilling and suitable for adventure junkies who love exploring new things.

On the island, you can spot a lot of shops offering tourists scuba diving and snorkeling.

The glass-bottom rides can also be availed to have a look at the wonderful coral reef. The sea walk on the island is an activity that one must not miss as this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The North Bay Island was handpicked by the experts for Sea Walk as the reef and the variety of fishes available here are not found at any other islands in Andamans.

The Sea walk paltoon (stationed boat) is stationed just a few meters away from the island and the sea walk team would take you from the North Bay Island to their paltoon. Sea walkers will be provided with helmets before entering the waters.

The tourists taking up the activities will be provided with all the safety requirements needed while doing an activity. As mentioned earlier the tourists are requested to listen carefully to all the instructions that they are given before the activities. North Bay Island offers more fun activities than the Havelock or Neil Islands which makes it the best place for water sports on the entire island.

If you are a person who is not into water sports you can always take the glass-bottom boats or the semi-submarine coral safari for an amazing underwater sight. You will enjoy these rides as they are safe and even children can avail of these rides. You will get to see vibrant fishes and pretty corals of the North Bay Islands.

North Bay is scenic and a great place for photography, the beautiful trees, and the blue waters are a delight to people who love photography. Do not forget to carry your cameras here for some amazing photography sessions of nature and you.

Earlier there were just a couple of options for water activities in the North Bay but now there are a lot of options that are available and the professionalism has increased to a high extent, all thanks to the Andaman Tourism and all the other operators who have worked hard for this to happen.

The North Bay Island is loaded with so many activities for its visitors that they will not be bored until they exit the Island!


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