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Everything you need to know about visiting Rangat in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands?

How to Visit Rangat- Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands consists of two groups of islands in the South Eastern edge of the Bay of Bengal.

An amazing mix of nature’s most precious delights, the Andaman & Nicobar Islands are a once in a lifetime holiday experience.

Nature lovers prefer this island for its clean environment, greenery, roads as well as unpolluted fresh air.

Rangat is one of the important tour places in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is a 1070 sq. km. large island which falls right in the middle of  Andamans. 

The waterfalls and pristine beaches attract people from across the world. 

Rangat is located at a distance of 170 kms by road and 90 kms by sea from Port Blair. Entry into Rangat is through Port Blair and by ferries its from Havelock, Long Island and Neil.

Tourists have to enter Andamans through Port Blair and then travel to Rangat by road or sea.

Places to visit in Rangat

1. Dhaninallah Mangrove Walkway:

Dhaninallah Walkway

The Dhaninallah natural walkway is a 1 Kilometer long wooden board walkway twisting through the mangrove creeks for a distance of 713 meters and it opens up to a very amazing long beach- Dhaninallah Beach.

The Dhaninallah beach is famous for its hatchery ground for sea turtles and this walkway is the longest one of its kind in India.

One can experience the diverse mangrove eco-system at one place, then you can take a halt in the midway, sit and relax while admiring the natural view from walkway.

The entry point to the Dhaninallah mangrove walkway is located at Betapur which is 20 kilometers away from Rangat. You can reach here by means of private transport.

2. Ambkunj Beach:

Ambkunj beach

This beach is located at a distance of 100 meters from the main road and hence one can reach here from Rangat in a mode of private vehicle and then you can walk for 2-3 minutes to enjoy the wide-open beach.

The Ambkunj beach is located in Nimbutala village which is 8 km away from Rangat.

The beach is equally beautiful and scenic just like any other beach in Andaman Islands.

There are many eco-friendly sofa-like sit-outs, some eco huts for providing shade and small round tables erected by the beachside which makes it a good place to sit and unwind on a bright sunny day.

3. Curtbert Bay Beach:

Curtbert Beach

The Curtbert Bay Beach is a lengthy sandy beach which is located at a distance of 12 Kilometers from Rangat and is a famous Turtle nesting ground.

The season for the Turtle nesting is generally from December to February.

Along with Curtbert Bay even North Andaman sees a lots of Turtles coming to the islands.

4. Morrice Dera Beach:

Morrice Dera Beach

Morrice dera Beach at Rangat in Middle Andaman Islands is a very different attraction.

The twin rock at Morrice dera presents itself as a unique yet beautiful rock formation.

The walkway in between these rocks leads towards an eye-catching Horizon View Point.

The Morrice dera beach here is ideal to sit and relax.

 It is ideal only for a day visit. It is suggested, to carry some snacks and water as you won’t find any there. 

5. Panchavati Waterfalls:

Panchavati Waterfalls

The Panchavati Hills falls is located on the outskirts of Rangat and is yet another beautiful place to Visit.

It is a small hill surrounded by the rocks.

A beautiful waterfall flows gently through the hills and makes the rocks around slippery due to which trekking is not advised at this small hill.

6. Yeratta Creek:

Yeratta creek

Yeratta is located at a distance of 8kms away from Rangat.

The Harbor of Rangat is located in Yeratta, which is known as Yeratta Jetty.

The mangrove walkway at Yeratta is beautiful and you can even see how mangrove samples are harvested at Yeratta in Rangat.

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