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Diglipur Island - North Andaman Tourism - How To Visit in 2020

Diglipur Island is located in the North Andaman Islands at a distance of about 320 Kilometers from Port Blair. It has a total geographical area of about 1400 square kilometers and is considered the biggest inhabited town of the Andaman Islands. Just like other islands in the Andaman Islands, people living here are also seen living together like a small India, speaking various Indian languages and belong to varied religious and cultural beliefs. Majority of the population speaks Bengali, Hindi and Tamil having said that there are numerous other people speaking Telugu and Malayalam too. They practice agriculture as their main occupation. Diglipur has rice, coconut, areca nut and vegetables grown there and they also do sell out their goods to the capital town. Other supplies are brought in to Diglipur from the capital town of Port Blair, hence here goods and services might happen to be expensive than Port Blair.

route to diglipur

Diglipur houses some of the most exotic and unique sights which will for sure make it a treat to your experiences when you visit them. The platter of unique sights in Diglipur has in stock the most distinctive twin island- The Ross n Smith Islands, the Saddle peak-highest peak of the entire Andaman archipelago, The Kalpong river- a rare case of the only flowing river in an Island surrounded by sea. The only hydro-electric project of the island is on this river. Apart from all these solitary treats that Diglipur feeds you with, there are multiple Turtle nesting sites here. By the time you complete going through this page, you will be familiar to all the must visits of this immaculate destination.

People of Andamans, irrespective of where the live and what they do are related to tourism and always stay enthusiastic to see improvement in the tourism infrastructures.

map of diglipur

Few years back, a number of local youths of Diglipur have vowed to put in all efforts to bring Diglipur in the list of most preferred tourist destination for the travel and nature lovers. These youths have registered a Society called “Diglipur Association for Rural Tourism and Ecological Development (DARTED)”, which has identified various locations to add to the list of tourist spots to be visited in Diglipur. Among the new findings are Mud Volcanoes at Hathi Level- Shyam Nagar, Alfred Caves at Pathi Level, Ramnagar, Fresh water streams, etc.

Though Diglipur is still growing in tourism infrastructures and facilities, but slowly and steadily it is earning popularity among the travelers as an offbeat destination. People planning to do something out of the box and something away from the regular itineraries, always have in mind of visiting the North Andamans during their visit. This has brought buzz of touching Diglipur and people have started asking for Diglipur and they try to make their duration elastic in order to group in this place in their itinerary. We would love to make you aware on how you may plan Diglipur in your itinerary in our coming sections, so come along!

What to Expect while visiting Diglipur?

The island being our home, we visit all the places annually to stay updated and to make sure our travelers see the place through our eyes while planning and stay clear on their expectations before they land in.

If you are out of those folks who are looking for a peaceful, soulful and unique experience from your few days of the vacation, and if you wish to stay away from the monotonous hurried life of the city and commercial activities, you can expect all this in Diglipur. As mentioned already, Diglipur is a destination that has attracted many travel and adventure lovers from across the world- who has visited and experienced its serenity and hence made it popular under the tag of An offbeat destination or an out of the box experience, make sure that you have the right information and a firm plan before you reach Diglipur. You can consider it to be a civilized and nicely maintained village.

Diglipur has proper black top roads and the Andaman Trunk Road connect Diglipur to the other islands. It is not on an easy connection with other islands and the connection to the main town is 12 hours away. The telecom connections are even not very strong-not to mention internet here as the broadband services are able to provide internet that too at a speed of 2G or even lower. The telecom service providers here are- Airtel and BSNL only. Hence the suggestion from our island experts say that- a pre planned and well designed itinerary will help you stay in track and get the best out of the time you have invested in your trip. A detailed Diglipur tour package can be referred for an itinerary understanding about Diglipur.

At Lamiya Bay in Diglipur

By investing your time in visiting Diglipur, you come much closer to the nature. The flora & fauna, the beaches, the caves and almost everything you can do here will keep into soaked into the nature. The places you stay in will be eco stays with the necessary amenities and interiors; the power supply is drawn from the hydo-electricity project on Kalpong River. It is satisfactory; however, there are certain power cuts experienced in the islands for short duration and you cannot expect a proper power back up during the power cuts. Food is not an issue until you keep your food ordered in advance. There are many hospitality ventures come up for making the experiences better. You can find detailing about these in our “Accommodation” & “Food” segments.

Things to Do at Diglipur Island:

This place is a nature lovers’ paradise, so if you are one of the nature lovers then no need to wonder what to do here. There are crystal clear gem-green waters where you can enjoy swimming-make sure you check if the guidelines of that particular beach allows you to venture into waters or not. The reefs here preserve a highly exotic corals and marine life making it ideal for snorkelers. If you bring in your own snorkels, you may spend hours snorkeling and experiencing the underwater beauty without realizing how time swam away.

One can also indulge in Scuba Diving but the condition is that you have to be a certified diver because the beginner’s or non-swimmers dives are not conducted in Diglipur as on date due to permission issues, however we would love to introduce the same to you when it starts.

Trekking and trail hiking is also a preferred activity that the travelers enjoy amidst the tropical forest that surrounds the island. You can just sit and relax or meditate by the beaches doing nothing and capturing the beauty of the place in your heart and your camera lenses. Tag us on Instagram and facebook with your best clicks so we see our homeland through your lenses and preserve and admire them. You can also plan a Trek to the highest peak of the island- the Saddle Peak.

Diglipur is home to thousands of turtles of varied species. So last and the most interesting thing are to see turtle nesting at the nesting grounds if you are visiting in the right season that is between December to February. You can be lucky enough to get an opportunity of spotting an Olive Riddley, one of the most distinct species.

beaches in Diglipur

How to reach Diglipur:

To visit any island, you have to enter through Port Blair (VSI Airport). So the origin to start through any of the modes of transfers that we are mentioning below is from Port Blair only.

By Bus:

The first and the most economical option to reach Diglipur from Port Blair is by Buses.

1.a) Government operated Buses:

You can reach Diglipur by Government operated Bus that departs from Port Blair at different timings. The preferred one is around 4:30 AM. It takes around 10 hours to reach Diglipur from Port Blair. This bus will pass through Andaman Grand Trunk Road to reach the Public Bus stand at Diglipur. From there you’ll have to hire public transport to reach your accommodation place and to do the sightseeing. These buses are not Air-conditioned. The tickets for these buses can be purchased from the government Bus depot, Port Blair. Due to the cheap cost, there is a huge demand for government bus tickets because most of the local public uses this mode of transport as their lifeline to stay connected with the capital town- Port Blair. The boarding point of these buses is at the Aberdeen Bus Depot. It has multiple other pick up points on the ATR. However, you need to enquire at the ticket counter for your nearest pick up point.
If you have reached Diglipur by the government buses then the return ticket from Diglipur has to be booked from Diglipur Bus terminus only.

1.b) Buses run by Private Sector:

Just like the government Buses, there are buses run by the private sector as well. These Buses also depart from Port Blair at different timings. The preferred/ suggested slot of departure is around 4:30 AM or the earlier possible so that one gets most of his/her time there in Diglipur once they reach. 12 hours is the duration to reach Diglipur by these buses as well. They are available in Air conditioned and NON Air Conditioned segments. The AC ones are costlier but worthy for a 12 hour long road journey. Non AC ones are cheaper than the AC ones but expensive than the government buses due to obvious reasons like comfort, seating arrangements and the convenience of bookings, etc. The tickets for these buses are available from their respective reservation offices across the Port Blair town. Online bookings are not made available by them. The boarding point of these buses is mostly near the Aberdeen Bust Depot. It has multiple other pick up points on the ATR. However, you need to enquire at the ticket counter for your nearest pick up point.
If you have reached Diglipur by the private buses then the return ticket from Diglipur can also be booked from Port Blair before you start or else you can book the same at Diglipur Bus terminus as well.

2) By Private Cab:

The second way and simply the most sorted way to reach Diglipur from Port Blair is a privately hired vehicle from Port Blair. The foremost advantage is that the driver is accompanying you from Port Blair; you would not have to hire any other public transport for going in and out of your accommodation and seeing the places of attraction which are accessible by the road.

The travel time reduces a bit due to no pit stops for other passengers. You can take small refreshment halts and complete the journey without any hassle of adjustments. The very moment you start from your place at Port Blair, till you reach back to your place at Port Blair, the Cab remains with you at disposal. By choosing this mode of reaching Diglipur, you get a local person from Port Blair in the face of your driver who is experienced and has been there before who makes your experience even smoother. He can suggest you for good places to eat, he makes sure that you visit the places you have planned to visit in right durations and return on time to Port Blair for your other due schedules. In this mode that is suggested by our island experts, you are not thinking about how to go about the experiences you put all your energy and thoughts in enjoying the place. Rest is all our responsibility.

The private Cab option is the best for travellers who are travelling on a fixed date schedule and have a fixed number of days to explore the Andamans before they go back to their hometown. This type of travellers need a pre-booking in everything and the major relief in choosing private cabs is that you can book this service online before your travel and forget all your stress. The cab will be there on time right at your stay point to pick you and drop you back to your respective accommodation after completion of the trip.

3) By Government Ferry:

The third way is to take Government Ferry to move directly from Port Blair to Diglipur. This voyage will be a 8-9 Hours long journey. The ferry follows the following route: Port Blair - Rangat - Diglipur. So the voyage time tends to change depending upon the number of passengers boarding and getting down at each stop.

The con here in this option is that the sailing of this ferry is not there every day and the ticket bookings open only 1-2 days before the departure. The tickets are issued from the STAR ticket counters in Port Blair and the return ticket has to be booked from Diglipur itself. Those who come on an extended vacation to Andaman can consider the government ferry as an option to reach Diglipur.

However, this mode could be unpredictable and may not work for the travellers who are planning to visit Andaman for around 4 - 10 days. Considering, there are so many things to do in Andamans and the other schedules will get affected if in case this option of reaching Diglipur doesn’t work.

Enroute from port blair to diglipur:

If you are traveling by a private hired cab to Diglipur from Port Blair, you will cross the same route and processes that you follow while visiting Baratang and Rangat (we have mentioned more about this in our Baratang page). So you may take stops in these places to see some of the attractions while traveling to or from Diglipur. However, you have to keep in mind the timings that are briefed to you. You can cover few sightseeing points while going to to Diglipur and the remaining while coming back to Port Blair. Our Island experts would love to guide you through the best combo of itineraries to make you utilize your precious days and timings minutely.

How to reach diglipur from havelock island & neil island?

One can proceed for Diglipur only from Port Blair. As on 2019, there are no much other options which may ensure your conveyance directly from Havelock or Neil Island to reach Diglipur. So if you are planning to travel from Havelock or Neil to Diglipur, make sure you have a buffer day in between to stay in Port Blair and then proceed further towards Diglipur on the next day.

An alternative to the above option:

One rare option can be that you take a Government ferry to Rangat from Havelock or Neil and from Rangat you may hire private vehicle or buses to proceed towards Diglipur. But this has to be executed on your own because Rangat and Diglipur are off beat destinations wherein your driver happens to be your guide as we mentioned in our “Private cab option to reach Diglipur” segment. So if you opt to move directly from Havelock or Neil towards Rangat and then take roadway transfer towards Diglipur you have to arrange for the vehicles upon reaching Rangat by yourself. For more details on how to reach Rangat from Havelock & Neil before you reach Diglipur, you can refer to our segment of “How to reach Rangat from Havelock and Neil” under the details of island “Rangat”.

Accommodation options at diglipur:

Pristine resort Diglipur

There is only 1 (one) private accommodations namely Pristine Beach Resort. This property has been into the industry for about 10 years now. It is located near the Kalipur Beach famous for turtle nesting and is preferred by travelers and has decent service feedbacks from their in house guests. They have all the necessary amenities, but not to expect the luxury or star category amenities while you plan to stay in them as it is a remote location having eco tourism theme.

There is a resort of the Andaman & Nicobar Department of Tourism- The Turtle Resort. This resort is located near to the Pristine Beach Resort. Pre-booking is mandatory in all of these properties during the high seasons to ensure you have a reservation and don’t get stuck with your plans. Try to secure your bookings in any offbeat destination through a local tour operator because the online bookings mostly won’t work due to the poor internet connectivity in the islands. There are some departmental guest houses/ lodges also which have to be checked to be availed on the spot only.

Food options in diglipur island:

Sea food is the specialty of the entire Andaman Islands. So there is no question or doubt in what to explore in food for a Non vegetarian. However if you are a vegetarian, the choices are no less. We haven’t discovered any pure-veg restaurant till date, but the restaurant of Pristine Beach Resort – The Pride, serves delicious food. But the condition is that you need to order few hours before, if possible order your lunch and dinner during the breakfast itself to have it served on time. Because they prepare food based on their occupancy and not all of the supplies are available on the go. There are other eating joints as well and most of them follow the Dhaba, canteen or eat-like-home concepts. They all are hygienic and serve good food to treat your hunger though they have a limited choice of menu to offer.

During our recent visit, we discovered a new restaurant (not a luxurious one though), namely- The New Hira Family Restaurant, located in Shubhashgram. It serves delicious and affordable food and they understand the hospitality expected by the guests coming in. You may give it a try while you visit.


View from Saddle Peak

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How many days will it take to cover all of Diglipur?

Technically, 4 -5 days are required to cover Diglipur where you cover all the points. However, in 3 complete days you will be able to cover the major points. Specifically, the Ross and Smith Island which is the major attraction in Diglipur. Each way travel towards Diglipur from Port Blair is of an entire day. So assume 2 days will go only into traveling. The remaining days that you stay in Diglipur can be used to explore its various attraction points.

For Diglipur trip there are a lots of possible combinations which our island experts may help you with.



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