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Mount Harriet Andaman Islands and How To Visit

Mount Harriet is the highest peak in South Andaman Island and the second-highest peak in the whole of the Andaman Islands. Mount harriet is situated in Port Blair, the capital city of the Andaman Islands. Mount Harriet Forest National Park was initially a reserve forest which was later converted into a national park in 1979. This famous peak is named after Harriet Tytler, wife of Mr. Robert Christopher Tytler who was a British army officer and a photographer in the early 1860s.

Mount Harriet Andaman

The attraction for which this place is famous is the view of the Light House that is located in North Bay, the picture of a light house on the back of a Twenty Rupees Indian Currency Note is the picture taken from this view point of Mount Harriet. So the point from where this view is seen, is commonly known as the “20 Rupees view point” by the locals and most of the visitors, It goes without saying that being one of a renowned national park, Mount Harriet is blessed abundantly with a wide variety of nature’s flora and fauna. What makes the park particularly alluring is the fact that the place houses some species which are deemed to be extinct by many.

The hilltop offers astounding views of Port Blair city, Havelock Island and Ross Islands; you can trek to the hilltop to get a glimpse of the magnificent views.

What to Expect while visiting Mount Harriet?

Since it is a forest national park, it is obvious for one to expect to see some flora and fauna that is native to this place. This expectation of yours can be fulfilled till quite an extent. The most common animals found here are the robber crabs, Andaman wild pigs, and deers. Mount Harriet is also a butterfly paradise; a variety of beautiful butterflies can be spotted here if you are visiting in the right season. Both land and marine flora and fauna are found in plenty around Mount Harriet. It is more like a green garden on the hill top. Mount Harriet is among the best places to spend some time amidst the nature, also considered to be a great picnic spot for the islanders.

The park is actually a combination of Tropical Evergreen Forest, Hilltop Tropical Evergreen and Littoral Forests and experiences marine climatic conditions. The climate is hot and humid except for the monsoon time. Trek through this park will make you come across a wide variety of trees like numerous conifers and other trees those are seen in plenty with hanging vines creating a fabulous view.

There are a few eco huts laid out on the hill top which can be used as shades if it pours down or if the sun glazes against your wish, or you can just use these huts as a prop of your beautiful picture.

How to reach Mount Harriet from Port Blair?

Mount Harriet is 55 kilometers by road and just 15 kilometers by ferry from Port Blair. The road way is not something that is suggested to reach this place as it will be just a waste of time and money to opt for traveling all over by road. Because the distance, cost and time consumed in traveling almost triples. So we are here to introduce the most convenient way of reaching Mount Harriet for you to plan it in the itinerary of your visit to Andamans.

Ferry to Mount Harriet Andaman

From Port Blair, you are supposed to take a cab that takes you to the Chatham Jetty. Here, you can take a ferry that takes about 15 minutes to help you cross the sea. These ferries don’t have a fixed schedule but are available at an interval of 15-20 minutes. So there might be waiting time near the Jetty. This ferry will take you to Bambooflat from where you can take local jeeps to go all the way up to the hills of Mount Harriet. The ferry that you chose for travel from Chatham to Bambooflat is a vehicle ferry. Vehicle ferry as we say in Andaman Island carries passengers as well as automobiles like bikes, cars, and even buses. So interestingly, depending upon the crowd for boarding the ferry, the cab that you had hired from Port Blair can travel with you in the same ferry and take you straightaway to the Mount Harriet.

Things to do at Mount Harriet?

This park is a perfect place for bird watching as it houses a wide range of exotic birds. You can catch sight of rare birds and their habitat. Birds of different colors and sizes can be spotted here and is a pleasure to the bird watchers. You can capture some amazing pictures of the variety of birds that live here.

Tourists can trek to Kalapathar from Mt. Harriet. This trek is a 16 km stretch of woods with a plethora of flowers, plants, and other extraordinary creatures. Trekking through this pathway is a delight to adventure junkies because of the rough grounds, the beautiful surroundings, the animals, birds and the pretty butterflies that fly around in the wilderness. This trail is bliss for all trekkers, nature lovers and photographers as it meets almost all the needs of what these kinds of tourists look for in an adventure trek. The place in Kalapathar from where criminals were dropped to death into the open sea during the British rule- can be spotted on completing the trek.

If you dont prefer to trek? No worries, as you can opt for a treat with the nature. The attraction is a blend of tranquil and adventure because the walks in the woods give you an adventurous feeling and the beauty of nature and quietness gives you a feeling of tranquility. You can either take long walks among the lush green forests or take tiny strolls and admire the beautiful butterflies. Or you can have a small picnic with your family in the park, grab some snacks and sit by the beautiful trees and enjoy the picnic.

And make sure you do not litter the area as you may be fined by law for the reason that, we in Andamans give it all to keep the island clean and green and are true followers of the Swachha Bharat Abhiyan, and we maintain our own Swachha Dweep Abhiyan even if there is no enforcements by law.

The beautiful national park is a perfect place for wildlife photography. Photographers can capture pictures of exotic endemic animals and birds in their natural habitat, the amazing views from different points of the park and the extraordinary micro and macro-organisms, etc.

Best time to visit Mount Harriet?

The best time to visit the park is anytime of the year except during the rains as it may make the hills and trekking trails slippery and keep you from enjoying the place to its fullest. Though the climate in Andaman is comfortable throughout the year but we advise to avoid visiting Mount Harriet on the rainy days - as there is no scheduled monsoon in Andamans, we couldn’t name a month here. There is a Forest Guest House whose service can be availed for refreshing yourself while in Mount Harriet. Clean and maintained pay-n-use Washrooms are available too. Visitors are advised to come in comfortable clothing and footwear as it is a forest area and a lot of walking takes place here. Also, carry some sunscreen and insect repellents to use if needed.

General FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions) about Mount Harriet

1. How much time is required to visit Mount Harriet?
If you are traveling from a place within the prime location of Port Blair, it’ll take around 30-minutes of each way journey combined with cab & ferry. The stay time advised is minimum 1- 1.5 Hours, maximum time of staying there depends on your interest on the place. So you can finish this trip in 1st half of the day.

2. What else can we plan for the 2nd half of the day after doing Mount Harriet trip in the 1st half?
Certainly our island experts are there to figure out your interests, and have the flexibility to add good things in each of your days that sum up to an experience worth spending on. But we would suggest adding some places that fall Enroute. Like few museums in Port Blair on the way back to your hotel, or take a visit to the Chidiyatapu sunset point after a quick freshen up at your hotel.

3. Is there any accommodation to stay back for the night there?
It is not allowed for the visitors to stay back for the night at Mount Harriet. You have to come back to Port Blair for a stay.

4. Can we plan a bonfire or night camping on the Mount Harriet?
Even though Mount Harriet has all the characteristics of an adventurous forest and trekking trip, but since this place is under the supervision of the forest department, no one is allowed there after the sunset. In short, Bonfires or camping is not possible here.

5. Is it a must visit destination?
For people who are enthusiastic to experience the evergreen tropical forests, and are fascinated to have a magnificent view of Port Blair and its surrounding places should opt for Mt. Harriet in their itinerary.

6. Who should avoid going to Mount Harriet?
People having a knee or back ailment, who face difficulty in walking or are acrophobic, should avoid planning for this trip because as the name goes, it is quite hilly area and have steep climbs and slopes. These factors have to be considered while planning for senior citizens or kids.

7. What should we carry for this trip?
A hat, sun-glasses, some bites of snacks, a bottle of water, and may be some mosquito repellent cream is some of the pre-requisites to make your trip comfortable.

8. What type of clothes is preferred for this trip?
Even though there are no restrictions on your wardrobe, still a suggestion from our island experts would say, go for trekking shoes or at least any closed shoes which are walk friendly because there are leeches at the trekking trails which might climb your legs so better wear closed shoes for this trip and prefer shorts (at least ankle lengthen) so as to prevent any insect climbing your clothes.



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