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Everyone knows that Andaman offers some of the world's best beaches, reefs and diving. What you might not know is that Andamans also offers world-class sport fishing and angling. Four varieties of bill fish are seen around the islands. Further adrift, large game in excess of 100 lbs have been caught, while divers have even spotted fish exceeding 3 metres in length. For the hard core angler, the waters that drop off 1000-2000 metres from the East and West coasts of the main islands, present an over-abundance of opportunity to put a few career highlights into that trophy case. Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Yellow fin Tuna, Dogtooth Tuna and Dorado have been caught in Andamans and its surrounding waters, and the fishing community's firm catch-and-release policy helps ensure that future generations will have the opportunity to test themselves against these magnificent fishes. So hypnotic is the entire experience that lovers of night-time fishing will give up not from lack of game, but sheer fatigue. If game fishing is your scene, the Andamans is perhaps the last of the planets relatively virgin environments still available. With Experience Andaman's you reach the best spots in comfort and style.

Our Boats in Port Blair: Specially built for the waters of Andaman Islands, powered by twin 225HP Mercury Optimax OBMs and is fitted with an on-deck Fighting Chair. Below deck are 2 air-conditioned cabins, a fully equipped galley and a toilet.. Our boat will give anglers an ultimate experience while fishing. Our brand new boat is well maintained, clean and a practical boat that offers guests a safe and comfortable fishing holiday.

Fishing Boats in Havelock Island :

SNAPPER - 29 Feet Long with 60 HP 4 Stroke Motor
MAHI MAHI - 32 Feet Long with 150 HP 4 Stroke OBM
ORCA - 21 Feet Long with 100 HP 4 Stroke Motor

Equipments :' Our boat is equipped with all equipment for trolling, popping and jigging. Most anglers bring their own material for jigging and casting. We recommend strong material, at least 80lb braided line and 3x strong hooks on lures along with strong rods and reels are required for fishing in the Andaman Islands.We also have snorkeling kits available free of charge for clients who would like to snorkel if they get tired of catching fish all day. We also offer clients a packed lunch and bottle water along with soft drinks and fruit.



Fishing Trips

Will sail to islands of your interest and guess what? The experience will be something you would cherish for your entire life.


Includes - Fishing Gears with Fisher Guide, Lures and Snorkelling Gears. Trip duration around 4 Hrs. This trip is not organised in a fishing yacht.
A budget friendly fishing trip opted by many beginners who are interested in fishing.


Includes - Fishing Gears with Fisher Guide, Lures, Snorkelling Gears, Refreshing Towel and Lunch. Trip duration around 8 Hrs

Head to the most opted destination for fishing North Cinque Island. Enjoy the ride and set up the gear to start the action. We will start fishing along the coast of South Cinque, Sister, anchoring point will be Passage Island. Our experienced guides will accompany you during your trip.

Havelock Island Fishing

Havelock islands holds a plethora of experiences for seasoned fishing enthusiast. Explore around the Havelock Island archipelago and catch fishes such as Baracuda, GT, Blue Fin Trevally,Coral Trout, Jobfish, King Mackerel and many more. Havelock Island offers some great catch in the islands. The boats that take you on fishing experiences are customized specifically for fishing enthusiast. A mix of Popping, Jigging and Trolling takes place during your fishing trip. We explore various locations around Havelock Island during the whole day so that you get your best catch, who knows you may get your biggest catch as well :).

Fishing Boats and Tours that are present in Havelock Island :

SNAPPER - 29 Feet Long with 60 HP 4 Stroke Motor - Rupees 24000 For 2 Anglers - Full Day Tour upto 8 Hours with Lunch

MAHI MAHI - 32 Feet Long with 150 HP 4 Stroke OBM - Rupees 32500 For Upto 4 Anglers - Full Day Tour upto 8 Hours with Lunch

ORCA - 21 Feet Long with 100 HP 4 Stroke Motor - Rupees 26000 For 1 or 2 Anglers - Full Day Tour upto 8 Hours with Lunch.

NOTE : Full Day Tour starts from 8 AM and ends at sunset around 5 PM. The trip includes your lunch and refreshments. Trip begins from Havelock Island Jetty. The trip is subject to weather condition and is based upon availability.

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Game Fishing Trips


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