Best Water Sports in Andaman in 2018

June 16, 2017
ross island boat

Now, Andaman Islands boast one of the best water sports in entire India. Usually, in the mainland, you will find mainstream water sports such as Jet Ski Ride, Banana Boat ride and speed boat ride. Though, Andaman Island has all these water sports activities it also has many other water sports activities that are unique to the island and is widely different and amazing than anything found in mainland India. I will be covering only the best of the water sports that one should do in Andaman. Will avoid all the fluff that I have seen in various other articles on the web. Plu As, I will recommend what kind of travelers can avail which kind on activity so that it is easier for you to decide which of the activity to avail in the Andamans.

Snorkeling in Port Blair and Havelock Island – Now, this is a good activity that one can do in North Bay Island at Port Blair, Jolly Bouy Island at Port Blair, Elephant Beach at Havelock Island.  This can be done by anyone from the age of 3 years and above. Usually, at Elephant beach you get a complimentary snorkeling. This is a widely availed water sports in Andaman Islands. Most of the travellers indulges in this water sport. The cost ranges from 1000 – 1500 depending upon where you are going for Snorkeling.

Sea Walking in North Bay Island at Port Blair Or Elephant beach at Havelock Island – Sea Walking is another must do water sports activity in Andaman. Now, this is the first one in India and it is really a charming experience to explore Sea Walking in Andaman. It’s much easier than Scuba Diving and anyone can do this easily. This tour is recommended for people from 10 Years to 55 Years of age. The cost for Sea Walking in Andaman is 3500 Rupees. Plus NO swimming skills are required to do Sea Walking.

Sea Walking in Andaman



Scuba Diving in AndamanWell, Andaman is a heaven for Scuba Divers. Divers all across the globe visit Andaman for Scuba Diving. It is a must do water sports activity in Andaman. Now, anyone who wish to experience Scuba Diving can enroll in a diving sport and can experience it. The best diving experience are found in Port Blair and Havelock Island. Anyone over the age of 10 years can indulge in Scuba Diving. The price of Scuba varies from 3500 – 30000 Rupees based upon the course you are availing.

Scuba in Andaman


Andaman Dolphin Glass Boat Ride –  This is a very different glass boat ride in the Andaman and is much better than the usual complimentary Glass boat ride provided. This is fast and offers a very clear picture of the underwater corals in Andaman. Anyone who is a little skeptical about getting into the waters can for sure indulge in this water sports activity. This tour is operated in Andaman water sports complex in Port Blair. Once you reach water sports complex you can indulge in this activity. This activity is not operational on Wednesday.

Andaman Dolphin


Andaman Semi-Submarine (Coral Safari)Your kid will just love it. This glass boat ride has a capacity of 130 people and  is an amazing activity in the Andaman Water sports complex. In this activity you will be sitting inside a semi submarine and will be exploring the reef underwater. The boat takes you from Andaman water sports complex to North Bay Island and return. One among the most recommended  activity for Kids and Elders who are reluctant to go for under water activities. The price range is around 2000 Rupees.

Coral Safari semi submarine


Fishing in Andaman – Now, this is another good water sports in Andaman which has a very little following among people. But for sure, if anyone wish to indulge in sports fishing then Andaman is the place to be. Wide ranges of fishes start from tuna, barracuda, Giant Trevally, Red Snapper and many other.

Game fishing in Andaman


Kayaking in Andaman – Sea Kayaking is another good activity in Andaman Island. One can explore the mangrove forest around Havelock Island archipelago during this activity. This activity is seasonal and only people over age 13 years are allowed for this activity. A guide accompanies you during this trip. The price range is from 2500 – 3500 Rupees.

Kayaking in Andaman

Boat Ride to Ross and North Bay Island – This is one among the most opted tour for people on visit to Andaman Island. Take a boat to Ross Island and North Bay Island. North Bay island is the same island seen at the back of a 20 Rupee note. This boat tour is operated from Andaman Water Sports Complex.

ross island boat



Other water sports that can be availed in Andaman
Jet Ski ride, Speed Boat and Banana Ride are something that people prefer to do after arriving in Andaman.

So here we go again to Update our content About Water Sports in Andaman. P

We are happy to announce the arrival of Parasailing in Andaman Islands which got launched in 2018. Now travellers can indulge in an amazing new activity in the Andaman Islands. Hopefully, underwater Sea Scooter will soon be there as another water sports activity in Andaman.

Underwater scooter in andaman




The sea scooter and paragliding are something planned for future. I believe by October 2017, Sea Scooter will go live and travelers will just love this experience.

See, Andaman island has everything when it comes to any water sports activity that can be offered in India. Possibly the best ones are found only in the islands. So when you are planning a visit to Andaman make sure you are aware of the above sports so that you spend a good amount of time enjoying most unique water sports activity in India.

Written by Azhar


Hey, thanks for reading my post. Do let me know what you think about my insights about the Andaman Islands. Also, if you have any inputs for me then do write to me at I will be happy to assist you. Wish to see you in the islands soon 🙂

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