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Andaman Islands offers a plethora of water based activities. Though the standard activities such as Jet Ski Rides, Speed Boat Rides, Banana Rides etc. seen at most of the beach attractions across India are present, Andaman Islands offers some of the pristine activities such as Sea Walk, Scuba Diving, Sea Planes, Snorkelling and Game Fishing, introducing you a different perspective of the water world. We have listed only the best activities that one can do in Andaman islands. These memories for sure will always be there with you forever.

Andaman is known for the best water activity in India so when you are in the island make sure you experience atleast Sea Walking and Scuba Diving. The reefs in Andaman Islands are best ones which no one should miss. The other activities that one can do is trekking (People looking to go off track can indulge in this activity), Semi Submarine a.k.a Coral Safari, highly recommended for Kids and Elder people on visit to Andaman. Andaman Dolphin glass boat ride is also a very good activity that one should do in Andaman. Kayaking is one good activity that we recommend to couples on visit to the islands. Finally, in 2017 we are launching one of India's most unique activity called Sea Scooter and it will be fun to see it in the Andaman.