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Which is a better holiday destination to go to with friends- Sri Lanka or Andamans (in terms of seafood, nightlife and watersports)?

Well, a big NO if you are looking for an extremely good night life in the Andaman Islands. Andaman Islands is nowhere like Goa its not commercialized. Its a destination to come, have fun and rejuvenate yourself.

Andaman Islands is a great destination for seafood and watersports. Well, I am not including the basic beach side watersports that is seen everywhere. Here are the top 5 water sports in the Andaman Islands in its purest form

1) Scuba Diving – This is something that you should not miss in Andaman. Try to get your diving done in Havelock Island. The marine life here in Andaman is still very new and you will for sure get overwhelmed with the experience. Even, if you do not know swimming is fine.

2) Sea Walking – In this activity you walk on the sea bed at a depth of around 10mts. Many compare this experience with that of moon walking

This can be done both in Havelock and North Bay Island.

3) Game Fishing in Andaman – Fishing is another more savvy offbeat experience where you ride around the shores of uninhabited island and do fishing. Recommended for adventure travelers in group of 4. This helps to reduce the tour cost for the fishing experience.

This can be doneĀ  in Havelock, Port Blair, Cinque Island and Rutland Island

4) Live aboard and fish near uninhabited islands – During this experience you are taken near an uninhabited island where you stay overnight, catch your own fish, cook and swim. This trip is again for adventure travelers and is recommended for a group. A big boat equipped with fishing rods, kitchen, rest rooms and bed is provided during this trip.

This trip is organised near Cinque Island in Andaman.

5) Snorkeling in Andaman – Though this is something common found in many beach side locations, however snorkeling in Andaman in something that one should do for sure. Some of the most preferred snorkeling destination in Andaman are :

* Elephant Beach in Havelock Island

Jolly Bouy island is another great place to do snorkeling. This destination is opened only for 6 months in a year and is conserved by the forest department of Andaman. You will require prior permit to visit this destination. Make a note that this attraction is closed every Monday and on public holidays. When this island is closed Red Skin island opens.

If you are more inclined towards watersports, beach resorts, calm and natural beauty then Andaman should be your pick.

Which is a better holiday destination to go to with friends- Sri Lanka or Andamans (in terms of seafood, nightlife and watersports)?


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