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North Bay Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands in 2019

The North Bay Island also known as the Coral Island is a beautiful beach island not far from Port Blair; it is surrounded by a wonderful beach known for its underwater coral reserves and a variety of fishes which makes it an essence of natural marine beauty and a perfect spot for underwater activities. Today, there are hardly any traveler who doesn’t include North Bay is their itinerary. The bright and colorful coral reef is indeed a great sight! It has one of the most widespread collections of coral stretches in the sea. The Island is mostly famous for the activities that are conducted there. The island is also one of the most visited places in the Andaman. People planning to visit North Bay generally cover it as “a day long Island Hopping trip” that covers two most popular islands- North Bay Coral Island together with Ross Island. You will read more about Ross Island in our exclusive section where we have given a detailing to the Gem of Andaman’s history- The Ross Island.

The North Bay Island is the hotspot for water sports in the entire Andaman Islands. The North Bay Island is just an hour away from Port Blair. North bay can be visited from Rajiv Gandhi Water sports complex. This Island is preferred by tourists of all kinds for taking the water sports and activities. What makes this island an ideal spot for all groups of travelers is the versatility it offers to people looking for some relaxation or an adventure junkie who wants to try the thrilling activities or someone who just wants to admire nature North Bay Island is the perfect spot for them! It gives its visitors a bit of both adventure and leisure which will not bore them.

North Bay Island Andaman

What to expect when in North Bay Island?

Since North Bay Island is closer to the city, a lot of tourists keep visiting this place often. It might get pretty crowded sometimes and the tourists are requested to be cautious. As this region is a tropical place its better for the tourists to come dressed in cotton clothing and wear proper footwear. It is always better to carry an extra pair of clothing to change after finishing the water activities. Proper changing rooms and washrooms are available here. Food stalls are also present at North bay where one can eat during the day. For any of the activities that you avail, you will be instructed about various safety aspects before starting the activity. Make sure you pay attention to the instructor. While staying underwater do not touch the corals or the fishes around you and always follow what your instructor has to say.

How to reach North Bay Island from Port Blair?

By Shared Boats/ ferries:

The trip to the North Bay Island begins from the hotel to the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex via road. On reaching the complex, you can board the ferries that will take you to North Bay Island followed by Ross Island. It takes about 15 minutes to reach the Ross Island and about 30 minutes to North Bay Island by boat. As stated earlier, Ross and North Bay Islands are covered together as a full day trip by these shared boats. It will hardly take up to 2 hours in Ross Island and after that, we head back to the same boat and continue the trip towards North Bay Island, it takes about 4 to 4.5 hours to complete the entire Day trip.

The shared boats/ferries are available of various makes, varied capacity and various speeds and all are well equipped with life jackets and rings for safety. A guide accompanies each group as they head toward these islands and that guide himself briefs the visitors about the island’s history and other necessary information to be known during the trip. Once the boat reaches the island the tourists can go ahead and avail the activities or just sit back and relax at the beach. The same boat will take you to and fro so keep in mind the name of the boat while returning to Port Blair. In case you miss the boat name you need not worry an alternative arrangement will be made for you in another boat. However, it is always advisable to complete the trip in the same boat. The Island opens for visitors around 8 AM and closes around 3 PM and is closed on Wednesdays.

By private Chartered Boats:

Private charter boats exclusively to North Bay Island or to both North Bay and Ross Islands are available. Since the entire boat has to chartered the cost is more when compared to shared trips.
These chartered boats are suitable for a group of about 6-8 people.
The pros of hiring a chartered boat is that you can visit this island even if you are short on time and cannot follow the schedule of the regular shared boats.

Light house at North Bay Andaman

How to book tickets to North Bay Island?

Experience Andamans team can book your tickets to North Bay Island.

The tickets to North Bay Island can be purchased directly at Rajiv Gandhi water sports complex by standing in a queue or your Island expert can book it on your behalf. For pre booking, you have to ask your tour operator to book the tickets for you. if you plan to book ticket after reaching Andaman then there is a possibility of the tickets getting sold out. If all the tickets for that day are already booked, you’ll have to either arrange a chartered boat or wait for the next day.

Things to do at North Bay Island

North Bay Island is famous for water activities. This island offers something for all its visitors. There is a light house at North Bay Island, however, you are not allowed trek to the light house. At North bay you can sit too close to the waters and witness people going underwater and coming back sunk in experiences for the lifetime.

At North Bay activities such as speed boat rides, Jet Ski, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Sea walking and Coral safari in a semi-submarine boat. All age groups can indulge in the various activities that are available here. Swimming skills are not required for any of the activities conducted here including scuba diving, snorkeling, and sea walking. These activities provide the snorkelers and divers a whole new experience . The amazing coral reefs, rich marine life, and emerald blue waters offers a rich experience in nature, it helps you connect with the marine species. Underwater photography is available which comes free with Scuba Diving and Sea Walking. These activities are thrilling and suitable for the adventure junkies who love exploring new things.

On the island, you can spot a lot of shops offering the tourists' scuba diving and snorkeling. The glass-bottom rides can also be availed to have a look at the wonderful coral reef. The sea walk on the island is an activity that one must not miss as this is a once in a lifetime experience. The North Bay Island was handpicked by the experts for Sea Walk as the reef and the variety of fishes available here are not found at any other islands in Andamans. The Sea walk paltoon (stationed boat) is stationed just a few meters away from the island and the sea walk team would take you from the North Bay Island to their paltoon. Sea walkers will be provided with helmets before entering the waters. The tourists taking up the activities will be provided with all the safety requirements needed while doing an activity. As mentioned earlier the tourists are requested to listen carefully to all the instructions that they are given before the activities. North Bay Island offers more fun activities than the Havelock or Neil Islands which makes it the best place for water sports in the entire island. In 2019, because of Government regulations Sea Walk is not operational in North bay.

If you are a person who is not into water sports you can always take the glass-bottom boats or the semi-submarine coral safari for an amazing underwater sight. You will enjoy these rides as they are safe and even children can avail of these rides. You will get to see vibrant fishes and pretty corals of the North Bay Islands.

photography at North Bay

North Bay is scenic and a great place for photography, the beautiful trees, and the blue waters are a delight to people who love photography. Do not forget to carry your cameras here for some amazing photography sessions of nature and you.

Earlier there were just a couple of options for water activities in the North Bay but now there are a lot of options that are available and the professionalism has increased to a high extent, all thanks to the Andaman Tourism and all the other operators who have worked hard for this to happen.

The North Bay Island is loaded with so many activities for its visitors that they will not be bored until they exit the Island!

Can we stay at North Bay Island?

There are no accommodations at North Bay Islands. There are shacks & food joints here that provide decent food/ snacks & beverages. Changing and washroom facilities are also available here. But no stay. After completing all the activities and the visit, the tourists are supposed to exit the island latest by 3 PM and stay the night at Port Blair.

Things to note:

Before we head to our FAQs section, we have listed down few quickies for you to note and make your planning a little more polished. After all that is our major goal.

You should know these:

  • If the weather at the island is not pleasant scuba diving and snorkeling can be avoided because the visibility of the reef will not be at its best during such conditions.
  • In case of bad weather, the trip might get cancelled.
  • Moderate rains will not hamper the trip; Well, the island looks much more beautiful when it drizzles.
  • In the case of rains, necessary arrangements for shelter are provided.
  • Elders and children who are not comfortable with the underwater activities can avail the Andaman Dolphin Glass Boat or The Coral Safari Semi Submarine ride. Which enables you see all that lies beneath the vast open sea without getting into your fear of water.

Pros of North Bay Island

  • This is considered to be the best place for sea walking.
  • Ferries/boats are well equipped with safety requirements hence no worry of water fear or safety issues.
  • The staff is friendly and cooperative to guide you through.
  • The jungle surrounding the island gives an exotic view to the already beautiful island.
  • A variety of shops for food and refreshments are available. So no need of carrying bites and snacks for the trip.

Cons of North Bay Island

  • The island is crowded during the season time. Hence, if you do not have a pre booking for water activities, you may have a lot of waiting time which may spoil your mood.
  • Guides brief about the island only in Hindi and not in English. So if you are a non-hindi lingual person, make sure you have a tour manager from your tour operator who briefs you about the place before you board the ferry. Traveling with Experience Andamans? Then no need to worry on this part. As our team of multi lingual tour coordinators will make it easier for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do we require swimming skills for scuba and snorkeling?
No, non-swimmers can also take up these activities.

What kinds of people are advised not to try these activities?
People with respiratory issues, senior citizens, pregnant women and children below a certain age are not advised to indulge in these activities.

What is the best time to visit North Bay Island?
This place can be visited anytime during the year preferably between January to June.

Can we trek to the lighthouse?
No, cannot trek to the lighthouse as it is not open for the outsiders.

Is this trip a safe one?
Yes, this trip is a safe one as all the requirements for the tourists are made and provided. The boats and other activities are all well equipped with life jackets and life rings.

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